We have five music projects in the P22 PRODUCTION clip: “P22”, “Vpechatlitelnie lyudi”, “4ETVERO”, “GARAGE BAND”, “N-BAND”.
Each of these projects is hitting the bull’s-eye. For us, P22 PRODUCTION, music is not only creativity and courage but also precise and well-organized business.


Author, composer, keyboard and saxophone player.
A fan of quality results. The release of the first album of the author’s project “P22” “Paradox” took place in August 2018.
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My bike is my music and my song
and I am ready to listen to it time
and again.

Russian ninja

“Russian Ninja” – an extreme project for those who are strong in body and spirit. For me – a new challenge, new emotions and principles are not just to strive to be better than someone else but to transcend myself.

PR & Collaboration
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Nataly Platonova